okay, so the home-made little pictionary game we had last night went rather peacefully.

ram accused me and romy of cheating. i swear i have no idea what made him think that. we played clean. we did. although i must admit roma and i, we both like to play it rough. but all that roughness translated into a childish groveling on my part when the game ended because ram wouldn’t let me paint his face because, by his biased principles, we cheated. again, we didn’t. right, romy?


okay, so heni started drawing this and somebody from my team (which comprised of heni, gayle, romy and me) supplied the word “road.” that’s the first word of the three-letter word he was supposed to make us guess. heni was struggling on how to draw his last two words and our 30 seconds was ticking by the, well, second. so i took a rather wild guess:

road side assistant.

which was, of course, so unbelievably correct. or just plain unbelievable, period. like when a basketball player hits a 3-point shot right when the buzzer goes off. unbelievable like that. fantastic.

but instead of being all thrilled by my genius little self, the guys on the other team started protesting. in my head, i was like, dude, miracles happen everyday! this is one of those.

well, so what if i was the one who chose the words from the internet and painstakingly cut them into strips one week ago? we were short on team members. i can’t just keep score. it was my moral obligation to join the team. and hello?! it’s not like i memorized every single word on every single strip of paper! if i did, it was by accident. that was my photographic memory working without me even consciously sparking a neuron.

in fairness to me, i draw pretty well too. one look at my drawing on the left and you’d automatically think care bears. and my drawing on the right, which is a no-brainer, would give you the word lost. if you had to pause and analyze them for ten milliseconds, i don’t know what’s wrong with you. seriously.

pictionarypictionarybut that’s not to say we didn’t lose during the first round, though. you should’ve seen the black mustache jelvin thickly painted on my face. or gayle’s betty la fea look, care of ram. or romy’s acne face. or heni’s yellow cat whiskers. among the four of us, heni got off lightly. he really did. i’d have killed to have whiskers instead of mustache. but it was fun. retarded, but fun.

although i’m still groveling over the fact that i didn’t get to paint a clown face on ram!

oh, romy’s photos are here! =)



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