all things fishy

i’m not a fish person. sure, i may have begged asked ram to make me an aquarium but that was like, 2 years ago. and i was dreaming. hallucinating, in fact, that i could take care of two pairs of fish without blinking, the way goldfishes don’t. (or do they?) three days later, one of the pair of angelfish drowned. DROWNED. i kid you not. they were just there swimming lazily around when all of a sudden, i couldn’t find the other one. i thought it was just under the ship so i stopped looking for it. it was under the ship, alright. floating. dead. under the freaking ship. it just drowned. just like that. the next day, the same fate happened to its partner. angelfish love suicide. tragically romantic. don’t ask where the other fishes went. to heaven, i guess, if there’s a place in heaven for dead fishes, which i doubt because i love sushi and sashimi and i sure as hell don’t wanna think about their souls when i’m fishing them using my chopsticks. geez.


my now-defunct aquarium. it had seen its glory days. 7 glory days, to be specific.

anyhow, my sister and i were in manila last week so we decided to drop by manila ocean park. good thing i wasn’t expecting anything grand because it was disappointing. there was nothing to stare at but fishes, fishes, and more fishes. (but of course!)

manila ocean park

fishies galore

if there’s one fish that stood out for me, it had to be the devil fish — the lucifer of fishes. it scared me, the way it looked at me looking like that. like it was ready to eat me raw instead of me eating it, as it being a potential sushi material. if there are evil fishes, this had to be it:

manila ocean park

evil sushi

hmmm…. what else was there? oh, they had this croc too, where people threw coins at it the way they would at wishing wells. it was weird. i don’t understand why people would do that. even with the sign blatantly posted right there.

manila ocean park

croc budhha

if there’s one thing i loved in manila ocean park, it would have to be the jellies and the fish spa. okay, that’s two things. but those things i loved most. it tickled having your feet nibbled on by the fishes but later on, you get the hang of it. it felt good once you stop being ticklish.

the jellyfishes, on the other hand, were awesome. the way their colors changed and all. it was cool. and i loved that part of the exhibit where they utilized mirrors to give the glass cases a 3-dimensional view. that blew me away.

manila ocean park

it’s a good thing we were able to avail their P500 promo, which included the ocean park entrance + jellies + fish spa. otherwise, i would have bawled over at spending 400 bucks just to get inside and see nothing but fishes, especially when the things i thoroughly enjoyed were in their bonus package.

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