sm cebu

it was either bowling or billiards. he chose the latter, for reasons which may include embarrassing my hormones in front of his. apparently, billiards is a guy thing, especially so when he started talking about angles and holding the taco in such a way that you hit the ball right. i couldn’t, for the life of me, understand what angle he’s talking about. i couldn’t even picture it in my head! all i knew was that the angle my left fingers were making to hold the taco steady was threatening to chip my nail polish off. and my right hand was just about ready to give up from holding that taco too much at the angle i was holding it. so you see, angle is not my friend. it never was. i don’t ever intend to be chummy with it in the near future.

but he challenges me, though. the next time we play pool again, i wanna give him a good game. something that would keep him on his toes, as he would then surprisingly find me a worthy opponent. and then i’ll silently beat the sh*t out of him before he even realizes it. lol. but i love him, though, so maybe i’ll just be really modest about it. maybe downplay my win with a shrug of the shoulder. something like that. nothing theatrical.

but i did beat him in that basketball game later. i was hit with a stray ball from his end of the machine right after the timer stopped counting. he said it was an accident. of course it was. why would it not be an accident? lol. he wanted a rematch and i gave it to him because frankly, i don’t care much about winning or losing. i lost the second time and then he suddenly didn’t feel like playing anymore. tactics sa boang. lol.

magellan's cross

went to Sto. Nino Church because he wanted to hear mass, or at least, light some candles. unfortunately for him, the angels didn’t want him anywhere within close proximity because just when we got there, the guard closed the gate right to our faces. so we settled for a little photoshoot right there at Magellan’s Cross because the lighting was perfect and i couldn’t resist not having our pictures taken. the area was pretty much deserted so we had to wait until we could find a kind-hearted stranger who would take our picture for us.

he was with his girlfriend, that short, limping stranger. she must be, as they were holding hands. he was taking a picture of her and i grabbed the opportunity. i told them i’ll take their picture if they’ll take ours. a win-win bargain. they declined the former but took the latter. and so ram and i stood there, smiles and all, when we noticed the guy was moving backward farther and farther away from us. two clicks. two full-body shot photos of miniature-looking us. i asked him for another shot. again, he moved farther away. i told him it was okay to stay right where he was and then he said, “dili makita inyong tiil!”

photography 101: bahalag dili mo ma-klaro basta makita lang ang inyong tiil, payts na! lol.

ram and i are thankful for that couple, though. God bless them. =)

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