to the best dad in the world! =)

daddyi greeted him last night. an sms to a place a million miles away from home. from his home. our home. and it’s making me sad. this is the first Father’s Day that he’s not around.

i gather he’s enjoying his vacation there. seeing new sights and scenery. loving the beer and the cold cuts while watching a movie with my brother-in-law. gushing like a first-time lolo that he is, proud of how smart his granddaughter is getting. something her genes must have gotten from me, or so i like to think.

just as i like to think that he misses me as much as i miss him everyday when i come home and am reminded of the fact that he’s not home, and he will not be until the last week of august.

i can’t wait for august. but regardless of the month he’ll be flying back home, i can’t wait to hug him. ‘coz i wasn’t able to when he left. i didn’t want him catching the colds i was nursing back then. but colds or no colds, i should’ve hugged him tight before he left. should’ve trusted that the flu shot i gave him days before his departure would serve as an immunity from my flu. but i didn’t. and i regret not doing that.

now i have no choice but to wait for august. to content myself with our emails and sms and phonecalls. at least it helps. and yeah, considering how much i’m missing him, it helps a lot.

my older sister asked him what he wanted as a Father’s Day present. i jokingly texted him to ask for a brand new Isuzu D-max. white. he replied saying he will not be asking that from my sister since she already has a family. but he will wait and ask that from me sometime in the very near future. i don’t think he’s joking. but i don’t mind, of course. anything for the bestest dad in the world.

i love you, daddy. happy father’s day.

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