different shades of black

i miss the beach. i miss my friends. i miss my mind. i’m going crazy. and it doesn’t help that the comprehensive exams will be tomorrow and i have studied nothing yet. nothing. as in zero. and here i am thinking about the beach. and my friends. and my mind. and the fact that i’m going crazy. everything is a fucking dragon’s tail. pardon the french.

i wish myself good luck, though… ‘coz i badly need it. like desperately need it. like really really badly desperately. like seriously.

moral of my own personal tragedy:

hope should not be a substitute for inaction.
but sometimes, hope is all you’ve got.
and for as long as there’s hope, you can go a long way.
nevermind if you don’t know where you’re going.
at least you’re moving. that’s all that matters.

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