winter ain’t so bad when you know you’re leaving it.

i can’t really go into details as it’s going to be a surprise but let’s just say summer is so close i can almost taste it.

in the meantime, i’m just trying to make peace with this effing cold. i don’t think i can ever get used to winter. so whenever jeff lightly suggests we move to queensland, i’m like, “let’s go!” he says it’s like the philippines, except it’s australia. meaning, the toilets are not, um, sh*t.

yesterday we went to springvale. late lunch. jeff and raven slept in.

springvale, victoria, australia

angkor reach, as always. our favorite cambodian restaurant. it’s nothing fancy, to be honest. feels very home-y, to a point where the servers greet us in cambodian assuming we’re cambos as well. spring rolls and seafood stir-fried noodles, as usual. we’re creatures of habit, jeff and i. and together, we created a curious creature, always looking around observing other people and then smiling or waving bye-bye when she catches their attention.

springvale, victoria, australia

with the suburb being pretty much the asian capital in the southeast, it’s always interesting to discover something new from other cultures. like this ‘wife cake’ which made me stop dead in my tracks.

seriously? wife cake?

i should buy some next time to see for myself what they taste like. because yesterday was hopia day. they call it taro cake over here. or red bean cake. or durian cake. depends on the filling. which is why i assume they have those chinese labels stamped on the face to let you know which is which, especially if you’re buying a mix of everything, like we did.

too bad we can’t read chinese so eating it outside the box is kind of like russian roulette. you never really know what you’re gonna get. but they’re all tasty so you don’t really have to worry about not liking it.

unless you don’t like durian.

but why????!!! durian is ❤ . it may not exactly be love at first sight (or smell) but once you get past that awkward getting-to-know-you stage, you’re in for the real deal. no?


springvale, victoria, australiaspringvale, victoria, australia

raven’s starting to walk now. she loves walking and exploring, this kid. when it’s just a short walk to our destination, say 5 minutes or so, i don’t bother taking out her pram. only problem is, she likes to take her sweet time. which is fine, really. except that yesterday, it was freezing! normally i would bitch about the weather some more but not yesterday, nope.

because like i said, sunny days ahead! 🙂

springvale, victoria, australia

two weeks without his little girl. he says he misses her already.

*raven at 1 year & 2 months old