the art of dr. seuss: for the (rich) kids at heart

dr. seussdr. seuss

first of all, it’s dr. /zois/, not /soos/ as i had been pronouncing his name my whole life. my younger sister just recently corrected me so now i try to say it right even though it feels awkward.

second of all, there’s a gallery featuring the artworks of the famous children’s author at melbourne’s block arcade where you can have a look at some of his cool art collectibles. well, they’re really all for sale but for those of us who can hardly afford it, looking is pretty much all we can do since buying is pretty much out of the question.

dr. seuss

my favorite would have to be the one on the left. i can ask jeff to buy it for me but priced at $95,000+ (if i’m not mistaken), i have a feeling he would just about have a major heart attack and keel over on the spot before i can even begin to explain that we might need to buy a much bigger house the size of a mansion just so we’d have enough wall space to hang the artwork on. because it’s also pretty big, that thing. probably the biggest that i saw in there.

don’t get me wrong. they’re valuable investments but if the prices have your jaws dropping to the floor, the charming quirkiness of his works will have that same effect so either way, you’d still end up with a fractured mandible.

dr. seussdr. seussdr. seussdr. seuss

my sister was practically hyperventilating the moment we stepped inside. i like dr. seuss but not as much as she does. she’s probably close to what you’d call a fanatic. seizures and all. lol. you should’ve seen her vibering her fellow dr. seuss fanatic friends to share with them the news of how she was within the same breathing space as his artworks. it was quite fascinating to watch.

admittedly, i haven’t read all of dr. seuss’ books but out of the ones i have, i like “oh, the places you’ll go!” the most. because many years ago when i wasn’t sure of where my life was going, i used to read it over and over again as a way of inspiring myself that i was meant to be somewhere. somehow, everything just fell into place. =)

if you haven’t read it yet, here’s a video version of it: