i can’t draw pretty things but i can now write pretty words


i thought it’s a dying art. i was wrong. nowadays, it seems like everyone’s taking up interest on calligraphy. and i just jumped on the bandwagon.

i’m on week 2 now.

2 weeks of re-learning how to painstakingly write every letter and every systematic stroke.

i feel like a child again. but then again, i was always that kid who was asking my mom how to write and/or spell this word and that. i’ve always loved writing so might as well improve my penmanship while i’m at it.

as geeky as i am about to sound, i find calligraphy very therapeutic. it’s the equivalent of watching fishes in the aquarium for ADHD kids. it literally shuts my mind up. mainly because majority of the time i’m too focused on making sure that each and every letter is perfectly written, according to how it should be written. so while it treats my existing psychiatric disorders, it creates another one: OCD.

you win some, you lose some.

while calligraphy is striving for perfection, it’s very forgiving to mistakes. and trust me, there are a lot of mistakes. i find myself congratulating and berating myself with every other letter because just when i nail one, i fuck up the next. it’s a cycle that goes on and on and i’m starting to feel okay with that. as long as i’m learning in the process, then it’s all good. =)