jeff & jan wedding chronicles: disclaimer

full disclosure: i never really had a definite plan when it comes to my wedding. partly because i wasn’t one of those girls who dreamed about it all their life; mainly because i never expected to get married in the first place. and on the off chance that i did, i just wanted it to be simple.

fast forward to 3 months ago and i realized how vague the word “simple” actually means. because there are a lot of things to think about. and knowing me, i tend to overthink things and when i do, i worry and then brood about it. and i hate it when i brood so i disregard the problem altogether by not thinking about it anymore.

thank god for my sister, el2, she pretty much planned the whole wedding for me. it was such a relief to have her here. i didn’t know what i would do without her. she had been nothing but amazing! (i’m guessing she’s secretly one of those girls i was talking about earlier, which i exploited to my advantage. tee hee.)

i guess you can say i was pretty chill. too chill, she always complained. in my head, i kept telling myself, “relax, it’s just a wedding.” jeff and jan wedding if you have to ask, i wasn’t really nervous about the wedding itself (except for that time i begged jeff if we could just elope. lol. social anxiety disorder issues.) what i was most nervous about, though, was doing my own makeup. i kind of had a nervous breakdown panicked at the thought of looking like a very stoned version of courtney love if i messed it up. but it turned out alright, i reckon. i mean, it wasn’t half bad. jeff and jan wedding sitting there on the floor with a towel wrapped around my waist with selena gomez’s the heart wants what it wants on loop somewhere in the background to calm my nerves, i’m proud to say that i winged it. i even did my sister’s for a bit (before we ran out of time) and then she did my hair as well so it was pretty much like a makeup game that i used to play with my then 5-year old niece, where i’d let her paint my eyelids glittery blue, my cheeks bright pink, and my lips dark red and then listen to her exclaim in her cutest girly voice, “there, you look very pretty now, janjan!” (gawd, i miss her.)

makeup aside, i’m really grateful to have my mom and my sister there. it just made a world of difference having that kind of support. it would’ve been nice to have may-ann and my nieces there too but for what it’s worth, on that day i held them close to my heart. like i always do. jeff and jan weddingjeff and jan weddingjeff and jan weddingjeff and jan weddingjeff and jan wedding

when in doubt, take them to trash and treasures.

the wedding photos would just have to wait. there are heaps of them to sort out. i’m amazed we have that many pictures considering that we didn’t really have a photographer. mostly, it was jeff’s cousin and friends taking turns with his cameras and just shooting the night away.

my parents will be leaving melbourne soon. in a couple of days, i’ll be saying goodbye to them at the airport and wishing they could stay with me indefinitely, or even just a few days longer. but melbourne weather has been so shitty these last two weeks and they’re not used to the cold. plus, they have other places to go and businesses to attend to. their worlds don’t revolve around me.

but i’m super duper glad they took the time and effort to fly all the way here just to be physically present on my wedding day. as helpful as skype and facetime can be, it will never be enough.

tomorrow, jeff and i will be picking them up at the airport. they spent this week at sydney. at first i was a bit jealous of their time spent away from me but god knows how miserable the weather here has been (most especially this week) so i’m happy that they got to visit a different city where the sun’s so much more reliable.

melbourne city

considering that there are a lot of things that you can do in melbourne, i’m having a pretty difficult time planning where to take them. el2 and i took them to the city last week but they weren’t very happy with all the walking, which is basically what you do a lot(!) in the CBD. they’re getting old. i oftentimes forget.

so maybe we’ll just take them to the vineyard or something. i think they’d like that. and maybe take them to trash and treasures too. because my mom loves thrifting.

like mother, like daughters, i guess.

p.s. belated happy mother’s day to the most amazing woman i know.

trash and treasurestrash and treasurestrash and treasurestrash and treasures

shit just got real

jeff & jan wedding

… and “happily ever after” held only as long as the wind would let it. but all in all, it was a wonderful day. a very wonderful day, indeed.

blog post(s) coming up soon. (but with all the mess i have to clean up, that might have to take a while. hehe. but we’ll see.)

a big thank you to every one who came and/or sent their best wishes. jeff and i really appreciate it. =)

while i’m at it, might as well throw in the corn.

barbie at jenny's

okay, so while el2 and jenny were having a chat, guess what jeff and i were doing at her backyard. lol. pardon the mushiness. we’re pretty much doing our own pre-wedding pics. come wedding time, we’d probably be taking selfies with the wedding celebrant as well. or is it wefies? is that what the kids are calling it now? hahaha.

barbie at jenny'sbarbie at jenny'sbarbie at jenny's

barbie at jenny and brett’s

the australian language is a tricky little thing. fascinating, but tricky — how the a’s and the h’s and the z’s are pronounced so differently from the american way of saying things that i once asked jeff to sing the alphabet just so i can listen to how it sounds on this side of the world. (he did. bless him, he’s such a sucker sometimes. *evil laugh*)

somehow, i noticed how aussies love to shorten their words. from the easily decipherable g’day to the what-the-hell-does-arvo-mean?! apparently, arvo means “in the afternoon.”

and barbie holds no reference to the doll whatsoever. it’s simply an abbreviated word derived from “barbecue.”

but this post is not about the australian language at all. i’m pretty much stuck with a diluted american accent, with my r’s intact and my bisaya as strong as ever. or evuh.


today i’ll be talking about barbecues. or barbie, as they say over here. something i’ve always loved way back in the philippines when grilling was the method of choice during summer outings at the beach. except that there, we usually grill fresh fish, squid, etc. apart from the pork we specially marinated the night before the trip.

here, it’s all about the meat — lamb, beef, chicken, sausages, sometimes pork. at the risk of sounding sosyal, the lamb is my favorite. and pork too because i’ll always be filo like that.

but more than the food itself, it’s the whole process of cooking and bonding around a warm heat-generating contraption that makes it both primitive and enjoyable at the same time.

like that sunday a week ago when jenny and brett, a very lovely couple who happen to be el2’s friends, invited us for some barbecue at their place. needless to say, that was where my love for lamb (and aussie barbie) began.

barbie at jenny'sbarbie at jenny'sbarbie at jenny'sbarbie at jenny'sbarbie at jenny's

breakfast at melissa cakes cafe bar. now you know what to get. you’re welcome.

i’m not much of a breakfast eater. as a matter of fact, i don’t really eat breakfast at all. i know, i know. it’s the most important meal of the day, blah, blah, blah. i don’t know how some people do it. eat breakfast, i mean.

so if i start raving about bruschettas with avocado pesto, tomatoes, feta cheese and poached eggs on top and actually get excited for it, then it must be a reaaally good breakfast meal.

it is. you just gotta take my word for it.

melissa cakes cafe bar, dandenong

you only get it at melissa cakes cafe bar, as far as i know. well, you can make one from scratch if you’re determined enough. i reckon it’s pretty easy as long as you have the recipe (still looking for it) although the poached eggs might be a challenge to make. (i tried. and failed miserably.)

melissa cakes cafe bar, dandenong

but, yeah, that’s my go-to meal for breakfast when jeff and i find ourselves at melissa’s (so much so that i had to take a photo of it just in case i feel like blogging about food like i am now).

that, and a pineapple sunrise.

melissa cakes cafe bar, dandenong

…while jeff usually goes for the scrambled eggs. something so simple that everyone cannot not make it. it’s very difficult to screw up and i make him scrambled eggs a lot of times but he says the one at melissa’s is better that it secretly hurts my culinary feelings. it’s okay, though, the scrambled eggs. so-s0. #bitter

melissa cakes cafe bar, dandenong

they also sell cakes there too. (thus, the name?) — cakes, burgers, steaks, parmas, etc. i once tried their parma and it was great, except that it was HUGE!!! the moment they served it, my reaction ranged from shock to denial then back to shock in a matter of seconds. there was no way it was good for just one person. i asked jeff to double check and he said yes: it was good for one person. which sent me into shock yet again.

i’ve never felt more pressured to finish my food in my entire life! (okay, apart from my childhood days when my mom would insist that i eat everything she put on my plate. or else.) i swear, i was almost in tears. looking at other people on other tables scraping their plates clean while i struggled to shove down the chicken down my protesting throat. in the end, jeff must have took pity on me that he told me it was okay to not finish it.

i barely finished half.

so i told myself that the next time, i’m definitely ordering a kiddie meal. when i did several weeks ago, they asked me if i was ordering for a 7-year old or younger.

needless to say, i couldn’t possibly pass for a child.


popit. just because.

the sun’s out and it’s a beautiful day.

“jan, your wedding is going to be wonderful,” girlie messaged me on viber.

it felt really nice to hear that. like it was all i’ve been needing to hear. genuine, heartfelt words coming from a friend who could solve me like a favorite jigsaw puzzle no matter how scattered and broken the pieces. somebody who “knows my pace,” or so she says. although i’m kinda confused as to what she meant by that because it immediately elicited an image of a turtle in my mind and as much as i love turtles for their wisdom, they’re also, you know, not fast?

i might have to get back to her on that lest i start brooding about it, like i have the tendency to. because once i do, i think and overthink and overthink some more about it in my head. marinating all these thoughts and emotions and then philosophizing them as a way of salvaging my sanity. i think that’s my problem. this whole time, i’ve been like a fcking sponge. absorbing energies left and right, regardless of the charge.

but these girls, man! i don’t know what i would be without them. (well, for one thing, i would have been NORMAL. their craziness has infected me over 14 years — slowly but shirley — like viruses that stubbornly sit on my cells. no wonder they call themselves the schizos.)

so, to the most amazing women i know and love more than warm showers, THANK YOU.

schizos christmasschizos christmasschizos christmas

no, wait, i take that back. warm showers is where i draw the line.