one chill sunday

sometimes it’s kind of hard to remember what my body used to look like before. looking at photos of me seven months ago can have the same effect as looking at those that date back to 5, 10 years ago when i didn’t give a damn about my eyebrows looking like a a pair of shapeless albinos. now, i can’t seem to leave the house without at least coloring them in. because that’s what you call “making up for lost time.” i pretty much started late in this whole eyebrows business.

lately, aside from my eyebrows, it’s my growing baby bump i fuss the most. i have to admit the struggle is so fucking real. “i have nothing to wear!” takes on a whole new meaning, and a genuine one at that. i seriously have trouble finding clothes that fit me in a way that (1) reaches past my hips; (2) doesn’t make me look like a dumpling; and (3) is long enough to cover my tummy. i don’t know how some preggers do it. here i am just trying to get by one outfit at a time.

and i thought trying to squeeze myself in this dress was pretty hectic. turns out i had no idea what awaited me in the months to come. lol. but i remember this day like it was just a week ago. sartorial frustration aside, this was one of our lazy sundays spent at the beach. well, more like behind the bath houses taking pictures of each other because a chill photoshoot is jeff’s definition of “a lazy (sun)day.” i was happy to go along. i mean, what can i do? haha.

but, nah, it was nice. we ended up eating ice cream at this park by the lake. just quietly sitting there next to each other looking at ducks and enjoying each other’s company in peace. that, for me, was a memorable day. doesn’t take much to wow me, really. i’m a cheap date. =p

chill afternoon photoshootchill afternoon photoshootchill afternoon photoshootchill afternoon photoshootchill afternoon photoshootchill afternoon photoshoot

*9 weeks pregnant

officially filo

jeff's oath-takingjeff oath-takingjeff's oath-taking

deep down inside, he’s always been, and always will be, a filo at heart. (in short, bisaya jud ka, geng! lol.)

congratulations, porky! =p

painting in the dark: the struggle for art in a world obsessed with popularity

You can’t control the external outcomes of what you do, so why even think about them? Except of course that we’ve created a world where those external outcomes are valued more than anything else. And that’s our challenge today. In a world obsessed with popularity, will we do our work regardless of the consequences? Will we still make our art even if nobody is watching?

— Adam Westbrook

if you’re one of those creative souls out there, you might be interested to watch the first 2 parts of the series, which i’m linking below. you’re welcome.

part 1: why leonardo da vinci was no genius

part 2: the missing chapter

melbourne christmas photowalk


it’s way past new year and here i am trying to take you back to christmas eve when jeff took me for an exercise in the guise of a photowalk. ha! don’t let the camera hanging down my neck fool you. he really was just taking me out for a walk like you would a dog. a camera strap in lieu of a leash.

but i didn’t mind. i was one happy puppy because i’ve always wanted to check out the lego christmas tree at fed square anyways. a 10-meter tall tree composed of more than 200,000 lego bricks. the largest of its kind in the southern hemisphere.

it was alright. and i say that out of respect for the people who labored for 1,200+ hours just for me to comment that it was alright. to lego fanatics out there, that installation must be fucking awesome but i’m sorry to say that i was never really into lego growing up. mainly because i don’t remember owning legos as a kid.


weather-wise, christmas here in australia is kind of like in the philippines, i suppose. the days can get pretty hot when it’s not fairly cool. and there’s definitely no snow! so whatever white christmas spirit the city has is channeled through shopping centre decorations of snowflakes and penguins and snowmen.


for some reason, melbourne wasn’t really as busy as i expected it to be on that day. maybe because everyone was already out on their holidays then. but it was nice to see the quiet side of the city for a change. the alleyways weren’t packed. it even felt kinda weird seeing all those empty tables in cafes along degraves street.

even so, it was a good day to stroll around and take pictures of whatever caught my fancy.


although i don’t think i got the memo. because my idea of a photowalk?

taking pictures of jeff taking pictures of the city. #hesecretlylovedit #candidposer

*22 weeks pregnant

because what better way to feature melbourne’s streets than in a dance music video?

remember that behind the scenes video i posted? well, the actual video is out now and it’s really dope. everyone involved did a great job. of course, special mention to jeff because he’s my husband and i’m biased like that. lol. i’m not gonna write anymore how awesome he is at making music videos because that would make me sound redundant.

and besides, i’d rather let his work do the talking.

if anything, this shoot made me appreciate melbourne more. i discovered all these neat little alleyways and cafes and novelty shops i never even knew existed. particularly that dim, narrow lane across from degraves street. the scent of freshly brewed coffee and delicious food welcoming your senses like it welcomes locals and tourists alike.

oh, and did you know that somewhere in the block arcade, there’s this gallery called the art of dr. seuss? i so wanted to check it out but i was officially on duty then so i didn’t really get the chance to fake a ciggie break so i can sneak in and have a bit of a look. that’s the thing with working with your husband. you can’t exactly ask for a cigarette break when you damn well both know you don’t even smoke.

and you can’t pretend to call in sick either.

but i’m mentally bookmarking it, though. (just googled it and apparently, the event is only until the 8th of april 2016.) i’ll wait for my younger sister to fly here so we can go together and then maybe grab some bento or something vietnamese at swanston street or wherever.

because, see, that’s the other thing about melbourne. it has heaps of really good food it’s almost ridiculous.


worked on a shoot for a kiddie birthday party yesterday. my boss takes his job seriously.


this is how working with jeff looks like: a behind the scenes video

4:36 am.

i’m still up. jeff’s still up. he’s editing this mad music video at the moment and i was, well, i woke up at around 3 to make him tea and banana sandwich. my vital contribution to his creative endeavors, aside from looking out for his equipment while on shoots. i seriously don’t know how he can function without me.

yesterday we were at the city filming. he’s getting really good with his craft, the poofter. and i’m super proud of him to have gotten to this level of awesomeness. i totally support him 100% each and every step of the way because i see his passion and his dedication and that, in itself, deserves a lot of my respect.

but, yeah, some behind the scenes of yesterday’s shoot which i’m proud to say i took. (ehem.) i’m actually surprised they turned out alright, considering it was all handheld and as far as holding cameras steady is concerned, i have very shaky hands. good thing his camera has an internal stabilizer or something. and with a little bit of editing, it doesn’t look half bad at all.

paris and michael did a great job too. compared to their energy level, mine defaults to that of a slug. the same one i saw awhile ago sharing popit’s food which i asked jeff to take outside because i can’t stand worms and wormy-looking creatures which he didn’t on account that he believes slugs, like spiders, are friends.

sometimes i just wanna throw him a python in need of a hug.