why i kind of like doing the laundry. and why you should join breeze activbleach’s 1laba day.

here’s a little something you might not know about me. something i never knew about me too until i lived with jeff.

i kind of like doing the laundry.

yep, you read that right. i kind of like doing the laundry. and when i say “kind of,” i mean i secretly look forward to segregating the whites from the colored ones; jeff’s really dirty work clothes from my lightly stained ones. moreover, i am notorious for taking at least 10 minutes at coles laundry aisle sniffing different detergents and fabric softeners to a point where i am already assaulting my nostrils with chemical scents that they retaliate by knocking the rest of my senses dizzy before i finally decide which products to buy. (f*ck it, i’ll take this one.)

up until now, that’s something only jeff knew. it’s not exactly something i wanna go brag about but by disclosing such information here, that leaves the dude with one less dirt on me in case of a future blackmail. (the other “dirt” involves me and my meticulous segregation of household rubbish that the victorian government waste management group might as well use me as their poster child. but that’s another story.)

breeze activbleachright now, i just wanna share with you this upcoming event sponsored by breeze activbleach, wherein moms from all over the country are invited to join 1Laba Day on august 28.

basically, it’sΒ  a simultaneous nationwide event where moms are given the perfect excuse to take a day off from doing the laundry to participate in more exciting activities that breeze has in store for them. because, yes, as nice as it is to smell freshly laundered clothes, moms deserve a break from that too. and i like how breeze has organized this event as a way of celebrating every mother’s hard work and love for her family.

With 1 Laba Day, Breeze aims to wash 1 million stains using Breeze ActivBleach, which removes even the toughest of stains in just one wash. Participating moms can enjoy their ultimate laundry day-off as Breeze treats them to various entertainment activities, while the Breeze Laba Ladies and Laba Machines, sponsored by campaign partners Electrolux, White Westinghouse, Whirpool and LG, will take care of washing their clothes.

So be a part of the Breeze 1 Laba Day event and see for yourself how Breeze with ActivBleach removes 1 million stains in just one wash. Like the official Breeze Facebook page (@BreezePhilippines) and join the online promos to get the chance to win washing machines from partner brands. Consumers can also get free Breeze gift packs for every purchase of an Electrolux, Whirlpool and LG washing machine.Β 

fancy that. a chance of winning a brand new washing machine! and speaking of washing machines, don’t you just love how they hypnotize you with their perpetual spinning? popit and i trip out on that a lot. (who would’ve known cats subscribe to the machine’s spinning motion as a sedative too?)

this one time — the very first time i did my laundry in australia at this hostel i called home for about 10 weeks — i couldn’t help but relate to the clothes all tangled up in each other; suffocated by the soap suds; twisted all around this way and that. as crazy as this sounds, i actually felt sad for them. in my head, i was like, “it’s okay, guys. i know how you feel.”

that was when i suddenly realized how sad i actually was without me actually knowing it.

point is, aside from washing your dirty clothes, washing machines make pretty good shrinks too. they help you get in touch with your, um, emotions. lol.

and that, my friends, is my self-psychoanalysis of how and why i developed a special relationship with washing machines and with doing the laundry, in general. either that or i’m. just. plain. psycho.


hale manna, moalboal

the day was slowly winding down. jeff ticked off “go to badian” from his list. next up was ticking “introduce jeff in person to my whole family for the first time” off mine.

to say i wasn’t nervous would be half a lie. truth is, i was kinda petrified. sure, he’s talked to them on skype already several times before but nothing like them meeting him face to face. because, you know, anything can happen. either that, or i’ve watched far too many meet-the-family thanksgiving romantic comedies that it’s not funny anymore how i’m translating them to real life.

but it was all cool. no dramas.

hale manna, moalboalhale manna, moalboalhale manna, moalboalhale manna, moalboalhale manna, moalboalhale manna, moalboal

in case you’re wondering, we stayed at hale manna in moalboal. a relatively new resort which didn’t really have a shoreline but made up for it in terms of amenities, although a pool is not one of them. but you get free use of their kayaks and life vests and snorkels. they had this floating hut several meters from the shore which was where most of the snorkeling took place. (check out jeff’s video on my previous post!)

one of the things i appreciated about the resort, aside from the staff catering to jeff’s endless mango shake orders, was their barkada room where we all stayed. a huge room with about 6 or 8 beds that can accommodate a whole group of friends or families without having to be separated by walls. and it was a neat and clean bungalow too which came with its own bathroom and toilet. the airconditioning was fantastic. without the blanket that i shared with my sister, it definitely felt like winter in melbourne! (warning: depending on how high or low you like your thermostat to be, “fantastic airconditioning” may or may not be a good thing.)

the little huts and hammocks scattered around the resort property definitely added a nice touch to the whole place too. you can lounge in them while taking in the view, or just simply sleep the day away if that’s your idea of chilling. whatever rocks your boat.

all i’m saying is, i think it’s a pretty nice resort. (and no, this isn’t a sponsored post. i wish!)

but, yeah… =)

an awkward eyebrow video tutorial. feels like i just shot myself in the head. cheers, girly girl!

no, i’m not an expert in makeup artistry. if anything, i’m just a regular girl who enjoys painting people’s faces, including my own. but i’m slooooooowwwly learning more and more about it. making a lot of mistakes, too, in the process. which is cool. i mean, great things start from small beginnings, after all. and it’s not like i’m tattooing misspelled chinese characters or dealing with vital organs. if worse comes to worst, you simply wipe the gunk off your face and chill. problem solved.

girly’s been asking me to make a video tutorial of how i do my brows. i never used to bother doing my brows until i started going for makeup lessons. and trust me, if there was anyone in the world who badly needed to do her brows, it was me. and yet i put it off until i realized i looked like an albino. so now, as far as makeup is concerned, it’s something i get pretty OC with.


i don’t have a problem sharing everything i learned from makeup class. hell, i even held a mini makeup class for these freaks just so they’d learn what i learned and we could all be gorgeous together. they can bleed me dry when it comes to squeezing out all the makeup theories i cradle in my head. i can sustain one-on-ones with them to infinity and beyond. HOWEVER (and i say this with emphasis), video tutorials is where i draw the line.

or should i say, was where i drew the line.

because believe it or not, i actually gave in to girly’s request to create an eyebrow tutorial specially for her on account that i cannot do so personally since she’s currently based in qatar, spelled without a “u.” it’s been more than a month since i said i would but it wasn’t until yesterday that i finally did.

and trust me when i say this: making video tutorials is fucking hard, man! coming from somebody as shy as me, it was a miracle i managed to wing it. albeit, barely. in two minutes i did an average of ten takes. simply because i got tongue-tied a lot. not to mention that i practically did the whole thing in english which, obviously, is not my first language.

if making the video and setting up the camera (that is, if an ipad counts as one) and lights were tedious enough, that’s nothing compared to editing it! it was agonizing listening to the monotony of my voice and watching myself in each and every take. it was like looking at an x-ray vision of myself with a compound fracture of flaws and a million minor deformities. i wonder how actors can stand watching themselves on an even bigger screen.

of course, it wasn’t just all about me. there was the technical aspect of editing too — highly technical in the lines of “what the hell am i doing and how do i go about this?!” kind of technical. you know what i mean?

so, yeah, the belated promised video tutorial is all done and dusted. this is basically between girly and me. but then i thought, since i did the whole thing anyway, might as well bite the bullet and expose the vulnerable side of me so we can all get a good laugh at my expense.

to my dearest friend girly, i know you’d still have a thousand questions for me after watching the supposed video tutorial but can you just viber me instead? and then maybe instead of executing me by firing squad, we can settle everything harmoniously, and privately, over skype?

i love you, though. consider this your ultimate birthday gift. valid for as long as you live.


sexy librarian

“wait, wait, wait,” i said dramatically once roma, gayle, aj, jelven, and i were all in the car, ready to go on another one of those impromptu road trips where i told them i’d meet them at 1pm. only to have roma message me that jelven was on his way to pick me up so i better get my ass ready by 12 noon. (something that has happened a lot of times already here, here, and here i don’t even know anymore if it’s called peer pressure or bullying. maybe both.)

fishing out a pair of fashion eyeglasses from my bag, i theatrically put it on. “what do you guys think?”

the stoned looks on their faces told me they weren’t getting it so without further ado, i exclaimed, “i’m a sexy librarian!”

that cracked them up.

and before you know it, we were taking group selfies of ourselves at the back while jelven and aj contrived to make sure our pictures came out blurry by either speeding or driving into potholes. something i’m totally grateful for because modesty aside, i like to think that i look hot when my photos are blurry. i’m actually very photogenic like that. lol.


but seriously, though, isn’t it amazing how just one piece of accessory can make a whole lot of statement? i mean, sure, it was starting to give me a bit of a headache but wearing it made me feel like a totally different person. except that deep inside, i was still the same old dorky me.


no wonder fashion experts keep stressing the need to accessorize. i’m very minimalist when it comes to that although i don’t mind going one step further once in a while, looting my sister’s stuff on those rare occasions that i do. like i did on this day. when she saw gayle’s post of us on instagram, she was like, “are those my glasses?!” lol. don’t you just love having sisters?

(by the way, i did a bit of online window shopping and found all these really cool eyewear at zalora. i found some sunnies that would look perfect on her, as she’s more into them than me. just as she’s more likely to lose them than me. and her birthday is coming up next month so… maybe i’ll send her the link so she can buy one herself.)

BUT… and i say this for the record. fashionably unfashionable as i am, all i know is:

the best and most timeless accessories you could ever want and need are the people who make your life worth living a million times over.

p.s. if that sounded smart, blame it on the glasses. i’m just a sexy librarian.


behind the scenes: i am sore

it’s amazing how much i’m learning about things outside of my comfort zone since the day i traveled to australia alone, and then some more when i met jeff. just as melbourne was a whole new world for me, jeff opened up a different kind of world for me to see and experience too. things i never imagined i would ever find myself immersed in — from understanding the technical and emotional aspects of freestyle rap music to the elements involved in producing music videos.

you name it, i now have a pretty good idea of how it works. and how much skill and creativity it takes to make one. not to mention the immeasurable amount of passion thrown into the mix. (which, in a way, kind of ruins my viewing experience when watching movies because i oftentimes catch myself mentally dissecting camera movements as “slider” or “jib” or “quadcopter” shots. thanks a lot, jeff.)

which is why, having seen what i’ve seen, i have formed a deep respect for artists and their crafts. because i know it’s tough to survive in a world where people immediately diss your art like you just didn’t enslave your soul for it.

sure, talent is talent but that song or painting didn’t just materialize out of nowhere. it’s a celebration of your life’s journey, in whatever stage the muse caught you. and it takes an insane amount of time to create them. because as far as i have observed, most artists pretty much suffer from the deadly disease of obsessive-compulsiveness. they’re a whole bunch of perfectionist freaks. which, as a fellow artist, i can sometimes relate to. (hahahaha. say that again, jan?)

here’s a little something to give you a bit of an insight as to what goes on behind making a music video. these were taken during the shoot for i am sore.


doesn’t look so fun now, does it?

imagine going up and down the block repeatedly. as many takes as the whole crew could, uh, take despite the cruel heat of the sun. totot (jeff’s cousin and appointed cameraman) and the rest of the guys did a wonderful job. kudos to them all.

and kudos to jeff too for not spontaneously combusting with the concentration of light and heat he received from the gold and silver reflectors. but for the sake of flattery, let’s just say he looked pretty damn hot, though. lol.

(on a side note, i love how resourceful these guys were when it came to mounting a jib on an improvised slider. they sure as hell don’t have that in australia, hey jeff? very state-of-the-art, i know. tell your aussie boys to catch up.)

and where was i in all of this?

i was in the shade. chillin’ like a boss. haha. but in my defense, i was their designated driver slash unofficial spokesperson who answered curious strangers’ questions about what they were doing and if jeff was a famous artist in australia. (“they’re filming a music video and yes, jeff is up there with jay-z.” because, you know, i get a kick out of that. lol.)

oh, and look who signed up to help!


my baby as a reflector girl! (it’s good to train ‘em young.) #fiftyshadesofchildlabor

sometimes i live my life in a daze

“here, listen to this,” he said. “it’s a new song i made. it’s been such a long time since i last made one. tell me what you think.”

we were parked at st. kilda, at the ungodly hour of one or so in the morning. we just came from st. kilda breakwater to see the baby penguins (aka the trespassing story) and it was f*cking freezing! the only thing i wanted to do at that moment was marry his car’s heater.

“sure, let’s hear it.”

with a few quick pressing of the buttons, he played the song on his phone. “it’s not final yet, but, yeah, what do you think so far?”

for somebody who grew up listening to metallica and nirvana, let’s just say it was quite a departure for me to suddenly be giving opinions about some rap music. on top of that, he was the only person i knew who actually made his own music so i never really had previous experience on how to deal with people who make music out of words instead of writing them on a journal. (but i don’t really have a wide circle of friends to begin with so that statistics is pretty much unreliable.)

“it’s cool,” i said as casually as i could, hoping he’d interpret that response as a deep, insightful comment and just leave me alone with his heater.

not wanting to let go of the subject, he continued, “it’s a nice song. i love this song. it’s a special song.” before pulling out of the parking slot.

“yep” was all i managed to say, as i was still in that stage of our friendship where i never really said much anyway.

on the drive home, he took one line from the song and softly sang it:

yeah, you’re my type.

a line he kept repeating over and over and over again.

for a split second i wondered, “is this guy trying to tell me something?”

but just as quickly, i dismissed such assumption. that couldn’t possibly be. i mean, not after i threatened to hit his head with a torch on that same night.

so here we are now. 15 months and 1 music video later…

for the concept of this video, jeff basically wanted to show a glimpse of what life is like for majority of the people living here in the philippines:

the constant daily struggle. the internal and external chaos. the truth.